Add new games here. Just keep the first entry so people know how it works while not having to keep checking the syntax page.

Games list
Name Updated (YMD) Genre Art Version Engine Active Links Mirror Rate
The Last Barbarian2019-02-10Action RPG3D0.5UnityYeswebsiteNokeep emptykeep empty
PixieBlink Games2019-08-29Mind Control3D1Renp'yYes
Kalyskah2019-09-08Action RPG3D0.8.9Unreal Engine 4Yes

Update 14 oct Updated 1 from this page. Did not add Naughtylabs due to missing any links to even verify it existed.

Just put the title and after that the change.

Games list
Name Updated Additional Change
1 entry updated 2018-10-14 thanks for the info. updated and added note to a denied edit for clarification. Updated Agent of Heels
Salune's Slave Training 2018-8-16 Boejakka's notes I try to keep the latest public release both in date as version number. 2.5D simply means 3D renders on a 2D background like Rpgmaker and Ren'Py games are.

Maybe add a column for what OS the various games work on?

Added as of 12 oct 2018

Also add a column for PC gender (Female/Male/Other/Selectable) as this list doesn't have one for fetish.

Added fetishes you can search for since 12 oct 2018 although fetishes is still incomplete

A sort by vote number feature would be useful. For somewhat more accurate telling of a games rating (side topic, sort by rating seems broken. I'm getting 4, 3.5, 1, 3 stars in that order and it just gets worse)

On the top there is Rate which is clickable which sorts better but you can't see the rest of the info besides title name. This is a Wiki limitation.

anti-tag feature. For when you really dont want it to search for certain things.

Added searchable fetishes. I don't think you can exclude certain fetishes. I don't know if I can make that happen.

Adding in a search for finished games.

Partly added as you can search for it as a sort of fetish in this case tag. current tags are either finished or abandoned and It's not a complete listing. It's kinda dubious in some cases when something is finished or not.

Add a column if the game has animation/images/text.

Art style is sortable. Animation is searchable as a tag.

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