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Currently this page has 936 games.

Name Updated Genre Art Version Engine Platform Mirror Rate Fetishes
A City on the Sea 2018-05-10 Visual Novel Drawn Demo Ren'Py {(rater>id=000745name=A City on the Seatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
A Cop In New York 2017-04-17 Unknown 2.5D 0.5.9 RPG Maker {(rater>id=000359name=A Cop In New Yorktype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
A Day in the Life 2017-07-22 Interactive Novel Text Unknown Twine {(rater>id=000496name=A Day in the Lifetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
A Demacian Rising 2018-05-13 Unknown Drawn 0.5 RPG Maker {(rater>id=000159name=A Demacian Risingtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
A Girl and Her Dog 2017-04-10 RPG Drawn 1611-02 Unity {(rater>id=000108name=A Girl and Her Dogtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
A Happy Marriage 2020-02-28 Visual Novel 2.5D ch11.1 Unity No {(rater>id=000676name=A Happy Marriagetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
A Knight and Her Kitten 2017-04-19 RPG Drawn 8-3-13 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000396name=A Knight and Her Kittentype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
A Last Effort 2018-01-08 RPG Drawn 1.02 RPG Maker MV {(rater>id=000067name=A Last Efforttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
A Last Effort 2 2018-03-23 RPG Drawn 0.8 RPG Maker MV {(rater>id=000499name=A Last Efforttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
A New Dawn 2019-09-09 Unknown 2.5D 1.7.3 RPG Maker No {(rater>id=000350name=A New Dawntype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
A Night With Sara 2017-04-17 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.10 HTML {(rater>id=000360name=A Night With Saratype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
A Night With Sona 2016-12-18 Unknown Drawn 0.1 RPG Maker {(rater>id=000160name=A Night With Sonatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
A Promotion by Any Means 2017-02-18 Unknown Photo 0.5 HTML {(rater>id=000294name=A Promotion by any meanstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
A Spell For All 2018-06-16 Adventure Photo HTML No {(rater>id=000010name=A Spell For Alltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
A Strange Night 2017-08-12 Dating-Sim 2.5D 1.60 Unknown {(rater>id=000186name=A Strange Nighttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
A Town Uncovered 2020-05-17 Visual Novel Drawn 0.27c Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000274name=A Town Uncoveredtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
A Very Small Business 2017-11-18 Simulation 2.5D Unknown {(rater>id=000527name=A Very Small Businesstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
A Zombie's Life 2019-05-31 Unknown Drawn 1.1b3 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000113name=A Zombie's Lifetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Aaron's Life 2018-11-06 Visual Novel Drawn 0.1c Ren'Py {(rater>id=000850name=Aaron's Lifetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Abandoned A Tale of Forgotten Lives 2018-10-08 Visual Novel 3D 0.96.2 Unity {(rater>id=000171name=Abandoned A tale of forgotten livestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Absolutely Haunting 2018-07-18 Visual Novel Drawn 0.3.16 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000521name=Absolutely Hauntingtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Abyss 2017-04-10 Unknown 3D v13 .net {(rater>id=000305name=Abysstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Academy of Fetishes 2020-02-05 Interactive Novel Drawn 1.02 Twine {(rater>id=000494name=Academy of Fetishestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
ACADEMY34 2019-12-13 Visual Novel Drawn Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000636name=ACADEMY34type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Accidental Woman 2020-04-04 Interactive Novel Text 0.33 Twine No {(rater>id=000534name=Accidental Womantype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Across Realms 2019-03-08 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.1.1 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000929name=Across Realmstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Adventure High 2020-01-29 Unknown Drawn 0.58 Flash No {(rater>id=000029name=Adventure Hightype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Adventures at Magic Academy 2019-10-05 Visual Novel 2.5D 5.1 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000877name=Adventures at Magic Academytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Adventures of Tara 2018-07-23 RPG 2.5D 1.1 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000117name=Adventures of Taratype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Adventurous Couple, The 2018-03-13 Visual Novel 2.5D Chapter 1 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000713name=Adventurous Couple, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Adventurous Monster Breeder 2019-04-08 Breeding 3D 4.0.12 Unreal 4 No {(rater>id=000466name=Adventurous Monster Breedertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
After Invasion 2017-11-09 Unknown 2.5D 0.7.5a Ren'Py {(rater>id=000187name=After Invasiontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
After the Fall 2017-05-27 Visual Novel Drawn 1.0 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000454name=After the Falltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Agents of Heels Misadventures of Agent Romanov 2020-05-11 Unknown 3D 0.14 Unity No {(rater>id=000303name=Agents of Heels Misadventures of Agent Romanovtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Alchemist 2018-02-15 Unknown 3D 0.2.2 Unreal 4 No {(rater>id=000654name=Alchemisttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Alice The Dragon Slayer 2017-10-04 Unknown 2.5D 0.4 RPG Maker MV {(rater>id=000725name=Alice The Dragon Slayertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Alien Artifact, The 2017-08-08 Sandbox 2.5D 0.1 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000535name=Alien Artifact, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Allure of Wanton Cove, The 2019-01-12 Interactive Novel Text 1.15 Twine {(rater>id=000453name=Allure of Wanton Cove, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Alluring Excess 2017-07-23 Unknown 3D Act 1 Unity {(rater>id=000503name=Alluring Excesstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Almastriga 2020-05-07 Metroidvania Drawn Build 26 Unity No {(rater>id=000900name=Almastrigatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Alone Amongst Demons 2016-10-22 RPG Drawn Final RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000035name=Alone Amongst Demonstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Alone Together 2017-07-27 Unknown Drawn RPG Maker {(rater>id=000515name=Alone Togethertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Alone XP 2019-11-19 RPG Drawn RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000400name=Alone XPtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Alpha's Adventures 2017-04-24 Visual Novel Drawn Demo Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000441name=Alpha's Adventurestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Alter-Self 2017-04-17 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.01.05 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000362name=Alter-Selftype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Alternate Legends of the Avatar 2017-12-02 Visual Novel Drawn 0.1.0 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000598name=Alternate Legends of the Avatartype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Always a Good Business Deal 2017-10-01 Visual Novel Drawn 1.06 Flash {(rater>id=000539name=Always a Good Business Dealtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
AmaiSei - Ovulating Orifice 2017-11-11 RPG Drawn 1.0 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000722name=Amasei - Ovulating Orificetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Amaranth 2017-04-19 RPG 2.5D part3 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000380name=Amaranthtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Amata's Journey 2017-06-05 Visual Novel Drawn 2.1 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000464name=Amata's Journeytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Amazon Brawl 2017-03-31 1on1 Fighter Sprites 12.7 Fighter Maker 2 {(rater>id=000325name=Amazon Brawltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Amazon Brawl Hardcore Edition 2017-07-27 1on1 Fighter Sprites 1.1 Fighter Maker 2 {(rater>id=000523name=Amazon Brawl Hardcore Editiontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Amazon Kara 2017-03-31 Action Sprites 1.0 Fighter Maker 2 {(rater>id=000326name=Amazon Karatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Amorous Birthtight 2017-11-13 Adventure Text 0.2.1 HTML {(rater>id=000576name=Amorous Birthrighttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Angelica Origins 2017-08-08 RPG 2.5D Demo RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000529name=Angelica Originstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Angelica Origins Renpy 2020-03-21 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.2 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000074name=Angelica Origins Renpytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Anthophobia 2017-06-06 Action Sprites 1.5 Demo Gamemaker No {(rater>id=000468name=Anthophobiatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Aphrosia 2017-06-06 RPG Text 0.1.4e Flash {(rater>id=000469name=Aphrosiatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Apocamorphosis 2019-11-04 Text RPG Text 0.34D Quest No {(rater>id=000042name=Apocamorphosistype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Arabian Princess 2017-04-23 Unknown 3D 0.01b Unity {(rater>id=000430name=Arabian Princesstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Archelementals of Eiss 2017-12-02 Fighter Drawn 0.20 Unknown {(rater>id=000597name=Archelementals of Eisstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Arena of Audacia 2017-03-22 Action Sprites 0.93 Unknown {(rater>id=000338name=Arena of Audaciatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
ARIA (Advanced Rouge Intelligence Assault) 2016-12-19 Unknown Drawn 2.8 Flash {(rater>id=000165name=ARIA (Advanced Rouge Intelligence Assault)type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
ARIA The Rookie 2016-12-19 Unknown Drawn Unknown Unknown {(rater>id=000611name=ARIA The Rookietype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
ARIA The Rookie Remake 2019-09-20 Unknown Drawn 2.1 Tyranobuilder No {(rater>id=000848name=ARIA The Rookie Remaketype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Art With Carla 2017-04-17 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.7 HTML {(rater>id=000361name=Art With Carlatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Artifact, The 2017-02-20 RPG 2.5D part 1-3 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000208name=Artifact, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Ashford Academy 2018-06-26 RPG Drawn 2018-06-26 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000324name=Ashford Academytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Ashford Academy Redux 2020-01-20 RPG Drawn 0.3.3 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000314name=Ashford Academy Reduxtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
ASL 2018-02-20 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.2 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000707name=ASLtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Astral Games 2017-04-24 Unknown 3D 0.3b unity {(rater>id=000439name=Astral Gamestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Asylum, The 2018-10-19 Unknown 2.5D Final RPG Maker {{stack}.png} {(rater>id=000688name=Asylum, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Aurelia 2020-03-17 Visual Novel Pixel 0.16.4 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000757name=Aureliatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Autumn Boulevard 2019-02-06 Adventure 2.5D 0.2 RPG MAker MV No {(rater>id=000916name=Autumn Boulevardtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Awakening, The 2020-05-10 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.3.3 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000625name=Awakening, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Aylia's Story 2016-10-23 RPG Drawn 0.11 RPG Maker {(rater>id=000093name=Aylia's Storytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Babysitter 2018-05-29 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.1.2b Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000363name=Babysittertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Bad Neverland 2017-10-21 Adventure Text 0.683b Glulxe {(rater>id=000264name=Bad Neverlandtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Bandits Assault 2016-12-29 RPG Drawn 1.0b RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000261name=Bandits Assaulttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Bastard Girls 2017-04-12 Visual Novel 3D Novelty No {(rater>id=000311name=Bastard Girlstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Battle of the Bulges 2018-09-19 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.4 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000647name=Battle of the Bulgestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
BDSM Tournament 2018-04-04 Unknown 2.5D Unknown RPG Maker {(rater>id=000691name=BDSM Tournamenttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Beach Vacation 2017-12-02 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.0 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000599name=Beach Vacationtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Beauty's Assistant 2019-02-05 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.0 Unity No {(rater>id=000913name=Beauty's Assistanttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Beaver Falls 2018-05-27 Visual Novel Drawn 0.2 Unknown No {(rater>id=000753name=Beaver Fallstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Bedplay 2016-10-23 Simulation Drawn 1.0.2 Flash {(rater>id=000097name=Bedplaytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Ben X Slave Quest 2016-12-20 Trainer Drawn Demo 2 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000173name=Ben X Slave Questtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Behind the Dune 2017-02-17 Visual Novel Drawn 11.5 Flash No {(rater>id=000289name=Behind the Dunetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Bell Master 2019-03-15 Trainer Drawn 0.10.0 Unity No {(rater>id=000809name=Bell Mastertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Bend or Break 2017-06-07 Trainer Drawn 1.1 Unity {(rater>id=000471name=Bend or Breaktype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Bernd and the Mystery of Unteralterbach 2017-06-04 Visual Novel Drawn 2.1 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000458name=Bernd and the Mystery of Unteralterbachtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Betrayed 2017-09-06 RPG Drawn 0.1 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000813name=Betrayedtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Big Brother 2018-02-02 Unknown 3D Unity {(rater>id=000297name=Big Brothertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Big City's Pleasures 2018-08-30 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.1fix Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000825name=Big City's Pleasurestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Bimspread 2016-10-16 Unknown Drawn 2.1 Unknown {(rater>id=000061name=Bimspreadtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Blackgate 2018-08-31 Visual Novel Drawn 0.97 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000079name=Blackgatetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Blank Slate 2018-08-07 Visual Novel Drawn 0.01c Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000820name=Blank Slatetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Blooming Love 2018-05-06 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.0 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000736name=Blooming Lovetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Bondage Island 2017-12-18 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.0 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000450name=Bondage Islandtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
BoneHead 2017-04-19 RPG Drawn 0.1.17 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000372name=BoneHeadtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Bonnie 2016-12-19 Adventure Drawn 0.2 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000170name=Bonnietype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Borderline 2017-12-04 Visual Novel Drawn 2.0 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000465name=Borderlinetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Boxer, The 2016-12-22 RPG 2.5D Final RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000230name=Boxer, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Boy Dominates Sexy Mom 2017-04-18 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.5 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000364name=Boy Dominates Sexy Momtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Brad's Erotic Week 2017-12-20 Unknown 3D 1.7.4 Unknown No {(rater>id=000188name=Brad's Erotic Weektype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Brainless University 2018-05-31 Visual Novel Drawn 0.1 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000759name=Brainless Universitytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Breath - Euforia 2019-02-02 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.1.0 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000908name=Breath - Euforiatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Breaking Beth 2018-04-03 Visual Novel 2.5D Chapter 1 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000715name=Breaking Bethtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Breeders of the Nephelym 2018-03-10 RPG 2.5D 0.652a Unreal {(rater>id=000358name=Breeders of the Nephelymtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Breeding Season 2016-12-29 RPG Drawn 7.7.1 Flash {(rater>id=000257name=Breeding Seasontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Broken Heart Bordello 2017-04-12 Visual Novel Drawn Chapter 5 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000174name=Broken Heart Bordellotype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Broken Hymn 2017-04-19 RPG Drawn 0.2.0 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000392name=Broken Hymntype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Broken Sensor, The 2016-10-22 Text RPG Text 1.0c Twine {(rater>id=000046name=Broken Sensor, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Brothel Master 3D 2016-10-24 RPG 3D 0.71 Visual C {(rater>id=000098name=Brothel Master 3Dtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Brothel, The 2017-02-18 Trainer Photo 1.10 HTML {(rater>id=000293name=Brothel, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)} 2017-04-12 Brothel trainer Drawn 1.04 HTML {(rater>id=000341name=Brothels.imtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Business of Loving 2019-03-18 Visual Novel Drawn 0.4 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000873name=Business of Lovingtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Caliross, The Shapeshifter's Legacy 2018-07-21 RPG Drawn 0.79b RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000276name=Caliross, The Shapeshifter's Legacytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Camelot, The Game 2017-12-06 RPG Drawn 0.68 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000073name=Camelot, The Gametype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Cameo Collector 2017-03-05 Simulation Drawn 7.0 Unknown No {(rater>id=000111name=Cameo Collectortype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Camlife 2019-03-12 Simulation Drawn Unknown Unity No {(rater>id=000931name=Camlifetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Camp Game 2016-12-22 RPG 2.5D 0.5 RPG Maker {(rater>id=000222name=Camp Gametype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Captured 4 You 2018-04-01 Unknown 2.5D Unknown RPG Maker {(rater>id=000690name=Captured 4 Youtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Captured By Dark Elves 2018-09-26 Unknown 2.5D Episode 1 RPG Maker {(rater>id=000689name=Captured By Dark Elvestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Carnal Coup 2019-03-05 Unknown Text 0.20.2 Unity No {(rater>id=000316name=Carnal Couptype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Carrot Cafe 2017-09-25 Visual Novel Drawn 0.05 HTML No {(rater>id=000664name=Carrot Cafetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Casting Couch, The 2018-04-08 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.11a Unknown {(rater>id=000695name=Casting Couch, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
CastleRock 2017-12-01 RPG Drawn A4.5 Unknown No {(rater>id=000666name=CastleRocktype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Catherine's Adventure 2017-07-10 RPG 2.5D 0.5 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000189name=Catherine's Adventuretype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Celesta University 2017-06-05 Unknown Photo 3.0 Alpha HTML {(rater>id=000467name=Celesta Universitytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Celeste Blake The Evindium Affair 2017-02-17 Unknown 2.5D 0.6a Twine No {(rater>id=000281name=Celeste Blake The Evindium Affairtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Chaosrise 2017-04-12 Bullet Hell Drawn Unknown Unknown {(rater>id=000135name=Chaosrisetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Chop Shop 2018-12-21 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.0 Unity {(rater>id=000885name=Chop Shoptype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Chosen 2018-07-24 RPG Text 0.14.0 HTML No {(rater>id=000075name=Chosentype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Chloe 18 2018-03-05 Interactive Novel 3D 1.02 Unknown {(rater>id=000564name=Chloe 18type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Chloe 18 Vacation 2018-08-13 Interactive Novel 3D 1.01 Unknown No {(rater>id=000765name=Chloe 18 Vacationtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Chronicles of Leridia 2018-07-02 RPG 2.5D 0.3.2a RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000190name=Chronicles of Leridiatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Chronicles of Lonvenholm 2017-04-12 Visual Novel 3D 0.3f Unity {(rater>id=000185name=Chronicles of Lonvenholmtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
City of Lust 2017-06-27 RPG 2.5D 0.4a RPG Maker MV {(rater>id=000221name=City of Lusttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Claire's Quest 2018-07-04 RPG Drawn 0.15.2 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000092name=Claire's Questtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Cloned 2016-10-22 Visual Novel 3D Unknown Beta Unknown {(rater>id=000069name=Clonedtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Cloud Meadow 2018-08-18 RPG Drawn Unity No {(rater>id=000256name=Cloud Meadowtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Coceter Chronicles, The 2017-10-12 RPG 2.5D 0.9 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000078name=Coceter Chronicles, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Coffee Shop Encounter 2016-12-22 Dating-Sim 2.5D 1.0 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000228name=Coffee Shop Encountertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Cohabitation 2018-08-29 Trainer 2.5D 0.91 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000283name=Cohabitationtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Collar, The 2016-10-18 Unknown Text 1.0a Twine {(rater>id=000037name=Collar, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Collars 2017-10-27 RPG Drawn 1.8 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000389name=Collarstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
College Girl Sandy 2017-04-12 RPG 2.5D 0.2 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000284name=College Girl Sandytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
College Girls 2018-12-30 Dating-Sim 2.5D 0.04 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000842name=College Girlstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Colors of a New Dawn 2017-06-04 RPG 2.5D 0.0.5 RPG Maker MV {(rater>id=000365name=Colors of a New Dawntype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Columbia 2019-01-19 Visual Novel Drawn 0.11 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000864name=Columbiatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Company, The 2019-01-11 Interactive Novel Photo 6.0.2 HTML No {(rater>id=000528name=Company, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Con-quest 2019-03-13 RPG Drawn 0.11 Flash No {(rater>id=000322name=Con-Questtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Conquering the Kingdom 2017-05-21 Strategy Drawn 0.1 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000447name=Conquering the Kingdomtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Concubine 2017-03-07 Advenure Drawn 1.01 Unknown {(rater>id=000320name=Concubinetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Concubine The Dryad 2017-03-07 Advenure Drawn 18.03.04 Unknown {(rater>id=000768name=Concubine The Dryadtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Conception Maiden 2018-08-18 RPG 2.5D Demo 1.0b unknown No {(rater>id=000763name=Conception Maidentype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Contact 2018-09-02 Unknown 3D 0.1 Unreal No {(rater>id=000828name=Contacttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Corporate Raider 2016-12-13 Unknown Photo Unknown Flash {(rater>id=000154name=Corporate Raidertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Corporate Raider 2 2016-12-13 Unknown Photo Unknown Flash {(rater>id=000155name=Corporate Raider 2type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Corporate Raider 3 2016-12-13 Unknown Photo Unknown Flash {(rater>id=000156name=Corporate Raider 3type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Corrupted Dreams 2016-04-10 Simulator Photo 15.04.16 Twine {(rater>id=000800name=Corrupted Dreamstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Corrupting the Intern 2018-07-31 Unknown 2.5D 0.19 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000144name=Corrupting the Interntype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Corrupting the Priestess 2016-10-24 Unknown Drawn 1.1.0 Unity {(rater>id=000025name=Corrupting the Priestesstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Corruption of Champions 2016-10-02 RPG Sprites 1.0.2 Flash {(rater>id=000001name=Corruption of Championstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Corruption of Champions 2 2019-02-20 RPG Sprites 0.1.2 Flash No {(rater>id=000265name=Corruption of Champions 2type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Corruption 2018-02-17 Unknown 2.5D 0.80 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000397name=Corruptiontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Cosmic Cuties 2017-10-01 Top-Down Shooter 3D Unknown Unreal 4 No {(rater>id=000551name=Cosmic Cutiestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Coven 2019-01-31 RPG Drawn 0.03 RPG Maker No {(rater>id=000858name=Coventype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Cracking The Second Strain 2018-09-17 Adventure Text 0.1.12 Twine No {(rater>id=000830name=Cracking The Second Straintype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Crisis Point Extinction 2016-12-19 Metroidvania Sprites v.13 Unknown No {(rater>id=000118name=Crisis Point Extinctiontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Crossguard 2017-06-09 Unknown Text 1.02 RAGS {(rater>id=000495name=Crossguardtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Cultivator 2017-12-21 Interactive Novel Text 0.1.1 Twine {(rater>id=000594name=Cultivatortype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Cuntswell Academy 2019-02-03 Visual Novel 2.5D chap 2 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000882name=Cuntswell Academytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Curse of Pleasure, The 2019-01-27 Adventure Drawn 0.6 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000920name=Curse of Pleasure, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Cursed 2016-10-02 RPG Text RAGS {(rater>id=000005name=Cursedtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Cursed Armor 2017-12-10 RPG Drawn 1.90 EV99.9 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000063name=Cursed Armortype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Cursed Armor 2 2018-07-05 RPG Drawn 0.2 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000826name=Cursed Armor 2type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Cyra's Cove 2017-11-12 RPG Drawn Demo 1.2 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000586name=Cyra's Covetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Daisy's Day Off 2016-12-18 Adventure 2.5D 1.2 HTML {(rater>id=000158name=Daisy's Day Offtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Damsels and Dragons 2018-08-07 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.01 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000648name=Damsels and Dragonstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dany Clicker 2018-05-31 Clicker Drawn 0.2.1 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000746name=Dany Clickertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dark Lord Rises, The 2017-11-19 RPG Drawn 0.3.4b RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000367name=Dark Lord Rises, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dark Lord's Trip, The 2017-09-05 RPG Drawn Build 20170905 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000140name=Dark Lord's Trip, thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dark Magic 2019-02-05 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.5.1 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000878name=Dark Magictype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dark Neigborhood 2019-01-02 Adventure 3D Chapter 6 Unity No {(rater>id=000589name=Dark Neigborhoodtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dark Recruitment 2018-08-05 Unknown Drawn 0.36 Twine No {(rater>id=000085name=Dark Recruitmenttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Date Ariane 2018-09-09 Visual Novel 2.5D 200 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000296name=Date Arianetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dating My Daughter 2018-02-14 Adventure 2.5D 0.17 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000191name=Dating My Daughtertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Daughter For Dessert 2018-08-17 Visual Novel 2.5D ch10 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000577name=Daughter For Desserttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Daughter of Hephaestus 2019-01-06 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.1 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000892name=Daughter of Hephaestustype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dear Anna 2017-10-27 Dating Sim Drawn 0.0.1 Unity {(rater>id=000575name=Dear Annatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Deathblight RPG 2018-01-18 RPG Drawn Alpha 4.0 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000331name=Deathblight RPGtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Debauchery in Caelia Kingdoms 2019-01-23 Unknown Drawn 0.2.8a Unity No {(rater>id=000163name=Debauchery in Caelia Kingdomstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Defeat of Little Red, The 2017-04-15 Unknown 2.5D 0.4 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000346name=Defeat of Little Red, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Defiler Wings 2016-12-22 RPG Drawn 1.01 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000239name=Defiler Wingstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
DeLuca Family, The 2018-09-14 Dating-Sim 2.5D 0.02a Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000843name=DeLuca Family, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Demon 1 In The Flesh 2016-12-20 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.10 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000192name=Demon 1 In The Fleshtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Demon 2 On A Starship 2016-12-20 Visual Novel 2.5D 2.0 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000193name=Demon 2 On A Starshiptype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Demon 3 The Ascension 2017-04-12 RPG 2.5D 0.81 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000194name=Demon 3 The Ascensiontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Demon King Domination 2018-08-29 Visual Novel Drawn 1.42 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000659name=Demon King Dominationtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Depraved Awakening 2018-05-21 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.8 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000550name=Depreaved Awakeningtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Desires of Persephone 2017-04-19 RPG Drawn Chapter 1 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000723name=Desires of Persephonetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Desire Den 2019-02-03 Unknown 3D v.1a Unity No {(rater>id=000884name=Desire Dentype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Desire Within, The 2018-09-09 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.2 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000841name=Desire Within, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Despair Labyrinth 2017-04-19 RPG Drawn 0.09 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000381name=Despair Labyrinthtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Deviant Discoveries 2018-08-01 Interactive Novel 2.5D 0.31.1 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000286name=Deviant Discoveriestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Devilish Business 2019-03-04 Visual Novel Drawn 0.52b Ren'py No {(rater>id=000810name=Devilish Businesstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Diary Of A Slave 2018-12-23 RPG Drawn 2.09 RPG Maker No {(rater>id=000516name=Diary Of A Slavetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Divine Arms 2018-07-23 Unknown Drawn Demo 1.95 Unknown No {(rater>id=000094name=Divine Armstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Doll House 2017-04-20 RPG 2.5D 0.2 RPG Maker MV {(rater>id=000398name=Doll Housetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Domination Quest 2018-09-04 RPG Drawn 0.12.1 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000260name=Domination Questtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dominatrix Simulator 2019-02-08 Simulation 3D Unreal No {(rater>id=000855name=Dominatrix Simulatortype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Doppelganger, The 2017-08-12 Unknown 2.5D 0.41 Unity {(rater>id=000401name=Doppelganger, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dragon Ball Infinity 2018-09-24 RPG Drawn 0.4 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000774name=Dragon Ball Infinitytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dragon Throne 2016-10-22 Story RPG 2.5D Chapter 4 RPG Maker MV {(rater>id=000090name=Dragon Thronetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dragons Keep Tavern 2018-04-18 Management Drawn Demo v2 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000692name=Dragons Keep Taverntype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dreaming of Dana 2017-10-01 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.055 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000307name=Dreaming of Danatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dream Therapy 2018-08-28 Adventure 2.5D 0.8 Unknown No {(rater>id=000822name=Dream Therapylandtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dreaming With Elsa 2016-12-20 Visual Novel 2.5D Final HTML {(rater>id=000195name=Dreaming With Elsatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dreaming With Elsa Short Stories 2016-12-20 Visual Novel 2.5D Final HTML {(rater>id=000806name=Dreaming With Elsatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dreams of Desire 2017-12-28 Visual Novel 2.5D Ep5 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000399name=Dreams of Desiretype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dual Family 2017-04-20 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.22 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000404name=Dual Familytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Duality 2017-04-19 RPG 2.5D 0.20 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000383name=Dualitytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dungeon Assault 2016-10-23 RPG Drawn 1.1 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000019name=Dungeon Assaulttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dungeon Corruption 2017-04-18 RPG Drawn v.4 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000369name=Dungeon Corruptiontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dungeons and Prisoners 2016-12-27 RPG Drawn Demo 4.01 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000251name=Dungeons and Prisonerstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Dusty's Castle 2016-12-03 RPG Drawn Final Flash {(rater>id=000124name=Dusty's Castletype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Ed the Explorer 2017-02-18 Story Drawn 1.0 HTML {(rater>id=000295name=Ed the Explorertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Egerasha 2017-07-24 Slave Trainer Text 0.23 Twine No {(rater>id=000509name=Egerashnatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Elana Champion of Lust 2018-09-12 RPG Drawn Chapter 2 a182 Flash No {(rater>id=000126name=Elana Champion of Lusttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Eldrid Saga, The 2017-12-22 RPG 3D unknown Unknown {(rater>id=000231name=Eldrid Saga, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Elemental Tail 2019-02-09 RPG 3D 0.1 Unreal No {(rater>id=000911name=Elemental Tailtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Elena's Life 2017-04-13 RPG 2.5D 0.3 RPG Maker MV {(rater>id=000300name=Elena's Lifetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Elena's Life remake 2018-09-09 RPG 2.5D 0.2 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000772name=Elena's Life Remaketype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Elysium 2017-04-19 RPG Drawn 0.12.2 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000371name=Elysiumtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Elven Tale Series 2017-07-23 Interactive Novel Drawn Chapter 3 Twine No {(rater>id=000506name=Elven Tale Seriestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Emmerzail 2018-09-28 RPG Drawn 0.75 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000385name=Emmerzailtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Endless World, The 2016-10-23 RPG Drawn 1.1.4 RPG Maker MV {(rater>id=000104name=Endless World, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Envying Celina 2016-12-03 Interactive Novel 2.5D 1.4 HTML {(rater>id=000249name=Envying Celinatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
EraHunter 2017-12-20 RPG Drawn 0.3.5 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000646name=EraHuntertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Eros Academy 2018-07-19 Visual Novel 2.5D 2.05 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000406name=Eros Academytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Escape From Booty Island 2017-04-20 RPG 2.5D 0.0.1 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000105name=Escape From Booty Islandtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Eternal Showdown 2017-10-01 Card Fighter Drawn Pre Alpha Ren'Py {(rater>id=000555name=Eternal Showdowntype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Ethan's Legacy 2017-05-27 Unknown 3D Act 3 Unknown {(rater>id=000408name=Ethan's Legacytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Ethos of Darkness 2018-12-07 Simulation Drawn 1.35 Unknown No {(rater>id=000863name=Ethos of Darknesstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Even in Sorrow, a Black Lily Blooms 2018-07-29 Visual Novel Drawn 0.21 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000658name=Even in Sorrow, a Black Lily Bloomstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
EverWhore 2018-10-14 Management 2.5D 20181013 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000751name=EverWhoretype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Evil In Us 2017-12-17 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.4 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000591name=Evil In Ustype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Evil Seeds 2017-04-19 RPG Drawn v4 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000373name=Evil Seedstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Evriche Legacy, The 2017-10-01 Unknown Sprites 0.0001 Unknown No {(rater>id=000552name=Evriche Legacy, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Exec2sec Suits to Skirts 2017-07-27 Unknown Photo 1.7 Flash {(rater>id=000518name=Exec2sec Suits to Skirtstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Experiment Pleasure 2017-06-07 Visual Novel Drawn 1.0 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000473name=Experiment Pleasuretype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Extinction 2017-09-08 RPG 2.5D Demo RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000608name=Extinctiontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Faction Paradox 2018-03-10 Dating Sim Drawn 0.3 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000709name=Faction Paradoxtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fairy Tale Adventure 2018-07-24 RPG Drawn 2.5 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000077name=Fairy Tale Adventuretype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fairy, The, The Succubus, and The Abyss 2017-08-09 RPG Drawn 0.72 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000379name=Fairy, The, The Succubus, and The Abysstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fairy War 2017-03-31 Action Sprites 1.0 Fighter Maker 2 {(rater>id=000332name=Fairy Wartype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fairy War 2 2017-03-31 1on1 Fighter Sprites 1.3 Fighter Maker 2 {(rater>id=000333name=Fairy War 2type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fallen Angel 2018-08-16 1on1 Fighter Sprites v09 Fighter Maker 2 No {(rater>id=000764name=Fallen Angeltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fallen Doll 2018-09-16 Simulation 3D 1.22.9 Unreal 4 No {(rater>id=000110name=Fallen Dolltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fall of Eden 2017-02-10 RPG Drawn 0.4U HTML {(rater>id=000050name=Fall of Edentype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fall.Out 2018-01-03 Unknown Drawn 0.2 Unknown No {(rater>id=000558name=Fall.Outtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fallout Vault 69 2018-02-03 Visual Novel Drawn 0.07c Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000663name=Fallout Vault 69type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Familiars Training 2017-08-18 RPG Drawn 0.4 RPG Maker {(rater>id=000339name=Familiars Trainingtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Family Friends and Strangers 2018-12-17 Visual Novel 2.5D chap 2 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000875name=Family Friends and Strangerstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Family Matters (hammond) 2017-04-20 RPG 2.5D 0.1 RPG Maker MV {(rater>id=000409name=Family Matters (hammond)type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Family Matters (perv2k16) 2018-08-31 Visual Novel 2.5D ep3 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000775name=Family Matters (perv2k16)type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Family Therapy 2018-04-24 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.6 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000287name=Family Therapytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fantasy Slave Trainer 2019-03-12 Slave Trainer Text Twine No {(rater>id=000537name=Fantasy Slave Trainertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fantasy Valley 2019-03-17 Visual Novel Drawn chapter 2 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000934name=Fantasy Valleytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Farmer's Dreams 2018-04-12 RPG 2.5D 5.9.4 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000432name=Farmer's Dreamstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fashion Business 2019-03-06 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.4 ep2 0.31 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000869name=Fashion Businesstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fate of Irnia, The 2018-05-09 Visual Novel Drawn 0.34 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000059name=Fate of Irnia, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Female Agent 2019-03-11 Adventure Drawn 1.4.6 Twine No {(rater>id=000540name=Female Agenttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Female Gladiator 2017-04-19 RPG Drawn Final RPG Maker VX XP {(rater>id=000377name=Female Gladiatortype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Femdom School Deluxe 2018-07-08 Unknown Drawn 0.57 Unity No {(rater>id=000292name=Femdom School Deluxetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fetish Master 2017-04-13 Unknown Text 0.985e Java {(rater>id=000041name=Fetish Mastertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fey's Day 2018-08-07 Adventure Drawn 1.02 RPG Maker MV {(rater>id=000861name=Blank Slatetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fight Club Reborn 2018-05-27 Visual Novel Drawn 0.8 HTML No {(rater>id=000443name=Fight Club Reborntype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Finding Miranda 2016-12-20 Visual Novel 2.5D Final HTML {(rater>id=000198name=Finding Mirandatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Flatmates 2019-01-21 Visual Novel Drawn 0.1 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000899name=Flatmatestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fleeting Iris 2017-06-10 RPG Drawn 0.8 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000246name=Fleeting Iristype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fleshcult 2018-07-13 Unknown Text 1.01 Online No {(rater>id=000240name=Fleshculttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Flexible Survival 2017-11-19 RPG Text Unknown Muck MMO No {(rater>id=000014name=Flexible Survivaltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
FluxBorn 2016-10-22 Unknown 3D .net {(rater>id=000103name=FluxBorntype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Follower 2018-04-10 Unknown 3D 0.01 Unity No {(rater>id=000731name=Followertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
For Elise 2018-05-26 Visual Novel 2.5D Demo 0.3 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000580name=For Elisetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Forbidden Desire School Days 2018-01-07 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.3 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000631name=Forbidden Desire School Daystype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Forceur 2019-02-26 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.4.0 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000907name=Forceurtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Forest Camp 2017-10-01 Story RPG 2.5D 0.7 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000089name=Forest Camptype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Forest of the Blue Skin 2018-08-01 Action Sprites 1.16a Unknown No {(rater>id=000475name=Forest of the Blue Skintype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fountain of Mana 2017-10-13 RPG Drawn Oct2017 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000184name=Fountain of Manatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Four Elements Trainer 2018-08-14 Trainer Drawn 0.7.1c Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000139name=Four Elements Trainertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fractured Worlds The Nether Sky 2018-08-14 RPG Drawn 0.12a RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000508name=Fractured Worlds The Nether Skytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Free Cities 2017-08-12 Management Text&2.5D Twine {(rater>id=000004name=Free Citiestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Free Cities Pregmod 2017-12-24 Management Text&2.5D Unknown Twine No {(rater>id=000612name=Free Cities Pregmodtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Freeloading Family 2019-03-04 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.16 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000593name=Freeloading Familytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fresh Start 2018-03-18 Life Sim Photo 0.3.6 Twine No {(rater>id=000273name=Fresh Starttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Frozen Heart Bitches 2017-08-19 Unknown Drawn 0.165 Unity No {(rater>id=000637name=Frozen Heart Bitchestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fuck Nights at Fredrika's 2018-09-10 Unkown 3D 0.6.1 Unity No {(rater>id=000603name=Fuck Nights at Fredrika'stype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fuckerwatch 2018-07-26 Puzzle Drawn 1.1 Unity {(rater>id=000278name=Fuckerwatchtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Fun With Roommates 2017-10-01 Unknown Text 0.0.2 Twine {(rater>id=000557name=Fun With Roommatestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Futadom World - Binding Sim 2018-05-05 Visual Novel Drawn 0.2.1 GameMaker No {(rater>id=000808name=Futadom World - Binding Simtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Futanari Quest 2017-06-15 RPG Drawn v0.05 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000449name=Futanari Questtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Future Fragments 2018-04-13 Platformer Sprites v0.27f Flash No {(rater>id=000127name=Future Fragmentstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Future Love Space Machine 2017-06-07 Simulator 3D 1.056b Unknown {(rater>id=000474name=Future Love Space Machinetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Galactigasm 2016-12-13 RPG Drawn Unknown RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000147name=Galactigasmtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Game Legends 2018-05-25 Unknown 3D 2018.05 Unity No {(rater>id=000673name=Game Legendstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Game of Boners 2017-04-16 RPG 2.5D 0.012 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000355name=Game of Bonerstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Game of Life 2018-10-02 Adventure 2.5D 0.8.2 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000824name=Game of Lifetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Game of Whores 2019-02-08 Visual Novel Drawn 1.1.7h Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000175name=Game of Whorestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Gargoyles The Beast and the Bitch 2016-12-20 Unknown Drawn 1.02 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000183name=Gargoyles The Beast and the Bitchtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Gates Motel 2019-03-05 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.2a Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000935name=Gates Moteltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Gates The Opening 2017-04-13 RPG 2.5D 0.07 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000200name=Gates The Openingtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Ghost Hunter Vena 2016-12-03 Unknown Drawn Demo Flash No {(rater>id=000129name=Ghost Hunter Venatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Gift, The and remake 2017-04-13 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.25 0.04 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000301name=Gift, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Girl Crush 2016-11-29 Unknown Drawn 1.2d Twine {(rater>id=000119name=Girl Crushtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Girl Life 2018-05-19 Simulation Photo Quest No {(rater>id=000049name=Girl Lifetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Girls x Lust 2017-04-19 RPG Drawn 1.0 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000393name=Girls x Lusttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Girlfriend Experience, The 2017-04-23 Unknown 2.5D Final RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000428name=Girlfriend Experience, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Girlvania Summer Lust 2017-07-27 Simulation 3D Demo Unknown No {(rater>id=000524name=Girlvania Summer Lusttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Girly Gauntlet, The 2016-10-18 Unknown Photo RAGS {(rater>id=000026name=Girly Gauntlet, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Glamour 2018-06-21 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.6 Unity No {(rater>id=000702name=Glamourtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Glassix 2017-07-31 Interactive Novel 2.5D 0.27.1 Unknown No {(rater>id=000201name=Glassixtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Glory Hole Arcade 2017-02-17 Arcade Drawn Unknown Unity No {(rater>id=000762name=Glory Hole Arcadetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Goblin Lord 2018-09-26 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.01 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000852name=Goblin Lordtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Goblins Strategy Game 2016-12-21 Unknown 3D Unknown Unity {(rater>id=000203name=Goblins Strategy gametype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Goddess Complex 1-3 2018-02-13 RPG Drawn 1-3 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000651name=God Complex 1-3type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Goddess Complex 4-5 2018-03-19 Unknown 3D 4-5 Unreal 4 No {(rater>id=000652name=God Complex 4type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
God of Chains 2017-08-08 Visual Novel Drawn 0.02 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000530name=God of Chainstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Godhood Chronicles, The 2017-04-16 Interactive Novel Text Twine {(rater>id=000352name=Godhood Chronicles, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Golden Age 2017-02-17 Unknown 3D Episode 1 RPG Maker {(rater>id=000282name=Golden Agetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Good Girl Gone Bad 2017-10-01 Interactive Novel Drawn 0.6 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000562name=Good Girl Gone Badtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Goodnight Kiss 2018-04-30 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.21 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000545name=Goodnight Kisstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Goodnight Kiss 2 2019-03-01 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.1a Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000925name=Goodnight Kiss 2type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Gondovir Town 2017-12-13 RPG 2.5D 0.5.1 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000410name=Gondovir Towntype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Growing Up (Nirolf) 2017-02-17 Unknown 2.5D chapter 1 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000279name=Growing Up (Nirolf)type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Growing Up (Yorekani) 2017-02-17 Interactive Novel Text Twine {(rater>id=000345name=Growing Up (Yorekani)type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
H-Core Dungeon 2017-07-07 Unkown 3D 0.01b Unity {(rater>id=000602name=H-Core Dungeontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Hack'n Stalk 2018-04-21 Visual Novel 3D 1,2 and 3 Unity No {(rater>id=000411name=Hack'n Stalktype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Haley's Story 2019-01-12 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.10 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000845name=Haley's Storytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Hall Monitor 2018-10-05 Unknown Drawn 0.07 Unity No {(rater>id=000718name=Hall Monitortype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Handyman's Wish, The 2016-12-22 Dating-Sim 2.5D 1.0 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000109name=Handyman's Wish, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Haramase Simulator 2018-02-08 Management Drawn Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000270name=Haramase Simulatortype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Harem 2018-08-08 RPG Drawn c7m6.1 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000013name=Haremtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Harem Collector 2019-02-14 RPG Drawn 0.38.6 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000024name=Harem Collectortype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Harem Hotel 2018-12-25 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.5.3 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000747name=Harem Hoteltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Harem Villa 2018-03-10 Unknown 3D Unity {(rater>id=000412name=Harem Villatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Haremon 2019-03-04 Visual Novel Drawn Unknown No {(rater>id=000626name=Haremontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Hatton Boarding School 2016-12-21 RPG 2.5D Demo RPG Maker {(rater>id=000206name=Hatton Boarding Schooltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Hazard Magical Girdle 2018-08-27 Adventure Story Drawn 0.51 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000498name=Hazard Magical Girdletype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
HDoom 2017-07-04 FPS Mod Sprites Techdemo 9 Unknown No {(rater>id=000315name=HDoomtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Heartlake City 2018-05-03 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.01 Unity No {(rater>id=000630name=Heartlake Citytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Heartlocked 2016-12-20 Trainer Drawn 9_30 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000181name=Heartlockedtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Hentai High School 2018-08-21 Management Drawn 1.94u1 .NET No {(rater>id=000012name=Hentai High Schooltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Hentasia 2017-11-27 Unknown 3D 0.1a Unity No {(rater>id=000584name=Hentasiatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Hentasia The Rod of Power 2018-10-10 Adventure Drawn 0.6 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000859name=Hentasia The Rod of Powertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Heroes of Debauchery 2018-04-29 CYOA Text v2 Unity {(rater>id=000733name=Heroes of Debaucherytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Heroine Rescue Team 2019-11-01 Action RPG 3D 0.641 Unity No {(rater>id=000744name=Heroine Rescue Teamtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Heroine Rumble 2017-10-10 Action 3D 0.521 Unknown No {(rater>id=000262name=Heroine Rumbletype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Heroine's Corruption 2018-04-24 Visual Novel Drawn 0.1 Ren'Py {linux{.png?nolink}} No {(rater>id=000677name=Heroine's Corruptiontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
HERS Project, The 2016-10-13 RPG 2.5D 1.0.92 RAGS {(rater>id=000047name=HERS Project, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
High School Crush Simulator 2018-10-10 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.61 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000735name=High School Crush Simulatortype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
High School Of Succubus 2019-03-09 Visual Novel Drawn 1.19 Unknown {linux{.png?nolink}} No {(rater>id=000661name=High School of Succubustype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
High Tide Harbor 2016-12-21 Unknown 2.5D Final Unity {(rater>id=000207name=High Tide Harbortype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
High-Rise Climb 2018-10-17 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.4c Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000590name=High-Rise Climbtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Himeros Haven 2018-08-02 RPG Photo 0.75 Adrift {{patreon.png}}]] No {(rater>id=000811name=Himeros Haventype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Himeros Hotel 2018-09-03 RPG Photo 1.02 Adrift {(rater>id=000556name=Himeros Hoteltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Hiraeth Fantasy 2019-01-01 Adventure Drawn 0.014.3 Unity No {(rater>id=000880name=Hiraeth Fantasytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Hive 2018-01-14 Unknown Drawn 1.0 HTML {(rater>id=000152name=Hivetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
HoeRizon 2018-12-30 Action RPG 3D 0.0.71 Unreal No {(rater>id=000742name=HoeRizontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Holy Slaves 2017-10-10 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.1 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000547name=Holy Slavestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Home Invasion 2017-06-07 Visual Novel Drawn Demo B Ren'Py {(rater>id=000476name=Home Invasiontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Hoonters 2018-03-11 RPG Drawn 0.12.5G Unity No {(rater>id=000470name=Hoonterstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
House Arrest 2019-01-22 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.2 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000600name=House Arresttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
House of Maids 2018-06-13 Visual Novel Drawn 0.03a Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000814name=House of Maidstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
House of Pandemonium 2018-01-29 RPG Drawn 1.04 Unknown No {(rater>id=000716name=House of Pandemoniumtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
House of Pandemonium remastered 2018-07-17 RPG Drawn 5.2c Unknown No {(rater>id=000068name=House of Pandemoniumtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
House of R'Thoth 2016-12-03 Unknown Drawn Final Flash {(rater>id=000136name=House of R'Thothtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
House of Seduction 2019-03-04 Visual Novel 2.5D V2.1 Unity No {(rater>id=000897name=House of Seductiontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
House Party 2017-05-21 RPG 3D 0.5.7 Unity 3D No {(rater>id=000115name=House Partytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
How To Be A Hero 2019-02-11 Adventure Drawn 0.1h1 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000902name=How To Be A Herotype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
HS Tutor 2018-09-30 Visual Novel Drawn 0.2.0 Renpy No {(rater>id=000856name=HS Tutortype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Humbling Experience, The 2017-04-14 Adventure 2.5D 0.32 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000232name=Humbling Experience, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Hump Day 2017-04-14 Unknown Drawn HTML {(rater>id=000146name=Hump Daytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Hunt and Snare 2018-03-13 Adventure 3D 4.19 Unity No {(rater>id=000514name=Hunt and Snaretype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Huntress of Souls 2017-04-21 Unknown 2.5D Beta Flash {(rater>id=000413name=Huntress of Soulstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Hypno Family Trainer 2017-02-17 Trainer 2.5D 0.1.2 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000280name=Hypno Family Trainertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Hypno Slave 2016-12-20 Trainer Drawn Demo 1.03b Ren'Py {(rater>id=000177name=Hypno Slavetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Hypno-Sex RPG 2018-08-22 RPG Drawn 0.11.2 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000791name=hypno-Sex RPGtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Hypnotown 2019-02-24 Visual Novel Drawn 0.1.1 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000633name=Hypnotowntype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
I Love Daddy 2017-07-28 RPG 2.5D 1.0 RPG Maker {(rater>id=000323name=I Love Daddytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Imaginarium, The 2017-04-14 RPG 2.5D 1.0 RPG Maker {(rater>id=000058name=Imaginarium, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Imperial 2017-11-16 Interactive Novel Text 0.2.3 Quest {(rater>id=000544name=Imperialtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Impossible Trainer 2019-02-18 Trainer Drawn 0.0.2 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000865name=Impossible Trainertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Incest Story 2016-12-21 RPG 2.5D 1.0 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000209name=Incest Storytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Incest Story 2 2017-10-29 RPG 2.5D 1.0 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000777name=Incest Story 2type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Indecent Desires 2019-03-13 Visual Novel 2.5D Intro Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000932name=Indecent Desirestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Indecent Experiment 2019-03-03 Unknown Photo 0.21 HTML No {(rater>id=000909name=Indecent Experimenttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
InHeat 2017-12-03 Visual Novel 2.5D v0.1.02 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000674name=InHeattype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Inner Bimbo 2018-01-25 Unknown Photo 0.6 HTML No {(rater>id=000461name=Inner Bimbotype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Infernus - The Descent 2019-03-02 RPG Drawn Unity No {(rater>id=000761name=Infernus - The Descenttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Infiltration of Red Raven Keep, The 2017-02-18 Unknown 2.5D 0.4 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000031name=Infiltration of Red Raven Keep, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Inheritance 2018-09-28 Unknown Text A19 HTML No {(rater>id=000543name=Inheritancetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Inn, The 2018-10-02 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.04.1 Renpy No {(rater>id=000857name=Inn, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Innkeeper 2018-07-11 Adventure Drawn 0.1 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000860name=Innkeepertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Innocence Lost 2016-10-16 Adventure 2.5D 2.25 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000066name=Innocence Losttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Inspiring Celina 2016-12-03 Interactive Novel 2.5D Final HTML {(rater>id=000773name=Inspiring Celinatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Interns of Ecstasy Island 2018-09-11 Unknown 2.5D 0.121 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000086name=Interns of Ecstacy Islandtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Intimate Brothel 2018-08-31 Adventure Drawn 0.5.0 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000778name=Intimate Brotheltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Intimate Deception 2017-04-21 RPG 2.5D 0.1 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000414name=Intimate Deceptiontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Intimate Relations 2017-04-24 Visual Novel 2.5D Demo Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000440name=Intimate Relationstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Invasion D 2017-04-19 RPG Drawn 0.45q RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000386name=Invasion Dtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Invasion of Aestriphere 2019-01-27 Unknown Text 0.03 Twine No {(rater>id=000905name=Invasion of Aestripheretype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Ionian Corps 2019-01-16 RPG Drawn 0.12 RPG Maker No {(rater>id=000890name=Ionian Corpstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Iris Quest 2016-12-20 Adventure Drawn Unknown Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000179name=Iris Questtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Jack-o-Nine-Tails 2017-04-15 Slave Trainer Drawn 1.7.5 Quest {(rater>id=000347name=Jack-o-Nine-Tailstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Jane The Office Slut 2016-11-01 Simulation Text 0.4.0 Twine {(rater>id=000112name=Jane The Office Sluttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Java Sim Brothel 2017-04-15 Slave Trainer Drawn Final Java {(rater>id=000348name=Java Sim Brotheltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Kalyskah Vicious Seed 2016-12-29 Unknown 3D Alpha 0.2.0 Unreal 4 No {(rater>id=000258name=Kalyskah Vicious Seedtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Katarina The General's Daughter 2017-04-21 Unknown 2.5D Beta Flash {(rater>id=000415name=Katarina The General's Daughtertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Katie's Corruption 2018-03-18 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.18 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000416name=Katie's Corruptiontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Keepin' it in The Family 2016-10-24 RPG 2.5D 0.6 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000099name=Keepin' it in The Familytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Keepin' It In The Family - Dysfunctional Family 2017-04-20 RPG 2.5D 0.4 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000405name=Keepin' It In The Family - Dysfunctional Familytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Kelly's Family Mother in law 2017-02-18 RPG 2.5D Demo 1.0 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000302name=Kelly's Family Mother in lawtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Khendovir Chronicles Rinets Quest 2018-05-11 RPG Drawn 0.11.1 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000493name=Khendovir Chronicles Rinets Questtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Kingdom Defiled 2019-02-13 Unknown Drawn 0.1197 Unity No {(rater>id=000456name=Kingdom Defiledtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Kingdom of Deception 2019-01-07 Unknown Drawn 0.7.3 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000526name=Kingdom of Deceptiontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
King is Back, The 2018-05-06 Unknown 3D 0.8 Unity {(rater>id=000729name=King is Back, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
King of the Beach, The 2017-04-24 Unknown 3D 0.5 Unity {(rater>id=000434name=King of the Beach, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Kingship Darlings 2018-02-02 Visual Novel Drawn 0.0.2 Gamemaker {(rater>id=000635name=Kingship Darlingstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Kristi's Revenge 2016-12-21 RPG 2.5D 0.6 RPG Maker MV {(rater>id=000210name=Kristi's Revengetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
La Douche 2018-04-13 VR 3D Beta 12 Unknown No {(rater>id=000796name=La Douchetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lab Rats 2017-11-27 RPG 2.5D 1.0 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000268name=Lab Ratstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lab Rats 2 2019-03-08 RPG 2.5D 0.14.1 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000617name=Lab Rats 2type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Ladies' Superleague of Lesbos 2018-06-08 RPG 3D 0.20 Unknown No {(rater>id=000634name=Ladies' Superleague of Lesbostype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lamia's Exile 2019-02-15 Platformer Sprites 0.1b Unity No {(rater>id=000914name=Lamia's Exiletype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lapis Azurai 2016-12-13 Unknown Drawn Unknown HTML {(rater>id=000153name=Lapis Azuraitype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Last Barbarian, The 2019-03-05 RPG 3D 0.4 Unity No {(rater>id=000938name=Last Barbarian, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Last Days of the Universe 2018-08-01 Unknown 3D 2018-08 Unity No {(rater>id=000211name=Last Days of the Universetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Last Demon Hunter 2016-10-15 Unknown Sprites 0.48c Unknown {(rater>id=000018name=Last Demon Huntertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Last Demonhunter, The 2018-06-11 Unknown Drawn 0.77 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000027name=Last Demonhunter, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Last Legacy, The 2019-02-22 Adventure 3D 0.2 Unreal No {(rater>id=000868name=Last Legacy, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Last Sovereign, The 2019-02-08 RPG Drawn 0.41.4 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000016name=Last Sovereign, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Last Stand of Ra 2019-02-18 Unknown Text A1a HTML No {(rater>id=000919name=Last Stand of Ratype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lateshifter 2018-01-18 Adventure Pixel 1.04 Unknown No {(rater>id=000417name=Lateshiftertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Latex Dungeon 2016-10-19 RPG Drawn Unknown RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000102name=Latex Dungeontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
League of Corruption 2018-03-28 RPG Drawn 0.3.0b RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000588name=League of Corruptiontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Leave2gether 2018-08-26 Unknown Drawn v24 Flash No {(rater>id=000592name=Leave2gethertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Legend of Krystal 2017-06-08 Platformer Drawn 0.2 Flash {(rater>id=000479name=Legend of Krystaltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Legend of Queen Opala 2016-12-22 RPG Drawn Golden RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000242name=Legend of Queen Opalatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Legend of Queen Opala 2 2016-12-22 RPG Drawn Golden RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000243name=Legend of Queen Opala 2type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Legend of Queen Opala Origin 2016-12-22 RPG Drawn Episode 1 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000244name=Legend of Queen Opala Origintype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Let Me In 2016-12-22 Dating Sim 2.5D 1.00 Adrift {(rater>id=000220name=Let Me Intype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Let Me Out 2017-10-27 Dating Sim 2.5D 1.00 Adrift {(rater>id=000606name=Let Me Outtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
LEWD 2017-04-27 RPG Drawn unknown HTML No {(rater>id=000080name=LEWDtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lewd Chaos 2016-10-15 Unknown Text 0.7.1 Java {(rater>id=000023name=Lewd Chaostype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lewd Sibling Duo 2018-12-28 Visual Novel 2.5D 8.1 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000904name=Lewd Sibling Duotype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lewd Stories of Trinity 2018-04-15 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.0 Unknown No {(rater>id=000710name=Lewd Stories of Trinitytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lewdest Labyrinth 2018-03-25 Dungeon Crawler Drawn Demo Unity No {(rater>id=000167name=Lewdest Labyrinthtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Liberty - Heart of the Kingdom 2017-04-19 RPG Drawn 2.4 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000388name=Liberty - Heart of the Kingdomtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Library Story 2018-01-10 Puzzle Drawn 0.92 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000120name=Library Storytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lida's Adventures 2018-04-27 RPG 2.5D 1.1 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000212name=Lida's Adventurestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Life 2018-05-17 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.04.03 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000748name=Lifetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Life Choices 2018-07-28 Unknown Photo Twine No {(rater>id=000460name=Life Choicestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Life of Your Dreams 2018-08-16 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.5 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000669name=Life of Your Dreamstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Life With Mary 2018-02-15 Visual Novel 2.5D Demo Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000711name=Life With Marytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Live to Fight 2018-10-03 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.1.5 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000839name=Live To Fighttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lily of the Valley 2017-04-15 RPG 2.5D 0.5 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000213name=Lily of the Valleytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Little Minx, The 2017-04-20 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.1 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000403name=Little Minx, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Loki's Corruption 2018-09-12 RPG Drawn 1.2p RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000021name=Loki's Corruptiontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lolifantasy 2017-04-19 RPG Drawn 0.0.1 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000384name=Lolifantasytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lone Mother 2016-12-21 Unknown 3D Beta 3 Unity {(rater>id=000202name=Lone Mothertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Long Live the Princess 2019-02-05 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.17.0 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000595name=Long Live the Princesstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Long Vacation, The 2016-10-16 Adventure 3D Build 9 Unity No {(rater>id=000277name=Lovely Gueststype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lovely Sails 2018-06-20 Dating Sim Drawn 0.4.1b Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000572name=Lovely Sailstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lucafin Adventure 2017-04-19 RPG Drawn 0.3.1a RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000378name=Lucafin Adventuretype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lucretia's Legacy 2018-08-08 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.0 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000100name=Long Vacation, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Love and Sex Second Base 2019-03-06 Dating-Sim Drawn 19.2.3 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000846name=Love and Sex Second Basetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Love and Submission 2017-11-26 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.03.1 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000569name=Love and Submissiontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Love Instructor 2019-03-02 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.1.2 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000898name=Love Instructortype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Love Rebellion 2017-04-19 RPG Drawn Final RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000375name=Love Rebelliontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lovely Guests 2018-01-07 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.9 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000610name=Lucretia's Legacytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lust Affect 2017-02-17 Unknown 2.5D 0.990 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000285name=Lust Affecttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lust Brave 2018-07-22 RPG Drawn 2.0 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000770name=Lust Bravetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lust Doll 2018-07-22 RPG Drawn 16.2 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000022name=Lust Dolltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lust Epidemic 2019-01-23 Adventure 2.5D v.25121 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000876name=Lust Epidemictype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lust of Us, The 2018-01-03 Visual Novel Drawn 0.011 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000620name=Lust of Us, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lust Man Standing 2018-04-05 Dating Sim 3D Episode 2 Unity No {(rater>id=000643name=Lust Man Standingtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lust Note 2019-01-06 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.15 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000888name=Lust Notetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
LustFlux 2017-11-17 Management Drawn 0.1 Unity No {(rater>id=000574name=LustFluxtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lustful Lucy 2017-10-28 Life Sim Text 0.8 HTML No {(rater>id=000542name=Lustful Lucytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Lyla's Curse 2018-05-16 Unknown Drawn 0.1.31 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000582name=Lyla's Cursetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Magebuster Amorous Augury 2018-09-15 Visual Novel Drawn Demo Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000851name=Magebuster Amorous Augurytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Magefight Duels of the Arcana Erotica 2018-03-13 Fighter 3D Unknown Unity No {(rater>id=000714name=Magefight Duels of the Arcana Eroticatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Magic Matchup 2017-12-31 Skill Sprites Demo Flash No {(rater>id=000615name=Magic Matchuptype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Magic Shop 2016-12-03 Trainer Drawn 1.03 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000133name=Magic Shoptype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Magic Slavery 2018-05-18 Unknown Drawn 0.5.0 Unknown No {(rater>id=000533name=Magic Slaverytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Magical Girl Molly 2018-04-26 RPG 2.5D Day 1 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000719name=Magical Girl Mollytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Magical Investigation of Meridiana DeGaille, The 2016-12-03 RPG 3D Unknown Unreal 4 No {(rater>id=000128name=Magical Investigation of Meridiana DeGaille, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Magister's Tale, The 2018-10-15 Visual Novel 2.5D Demo Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000862name=Magister's Tale, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Mahou Arms 2018-09-06 Hack-n-Slash 3D 0.1.616 Unreal 4 No {(rater>id=000627name=Mahou Armstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Maids Perfect 2017-04-19 RPG Drawn 1.0a RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000394name=Maids Perfecttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Malicia Season's Breeding 2016-12-03 Management Drawn 102916 Flash {(rater>id=000123name=Malicia Season's Breedingtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Malise and the Machine 2016-10-26 RPG Drawn 0.0352 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000114name=Malise and the Machinetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Manifest, The 2018-09-20 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.151 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000844name=Manifest, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Manuscript Another Way 2017-09-09 Visual Novel Drawn 1.0 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000706name=Manuscript Another Waytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Mario is Missing 2018-07-08 Platformer Drawn 3.47 Flash No {(rater>id=000327name=Mario is Missingtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Marionette of dazzle with Iris 2018-08-29 Platformer Drawn 08292018 Unknown No {(rater>id=000134name=Marionette of dazzle with Iristype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Married Warrior Emma 2017-01-29 RPG Drawn 1.1 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000267name=Married Warrior Emmatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Mating Season 2018-09-03 Trainer Drawn 1.03 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000779name=Mating Seasontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Matt and the Bus Stop Girl 2016-12-22 Interactive Novel 2.5D 1.02 HTML5 {(rater>id=000227name=Matt and the Bus Stop Girltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Mature Quest 2017-01-29 RPG Drawn 1.1 RPG Maker {(rater>id=000266name=Mature Questtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Maze of Marionette 2017-01-29 RPG Drawn 2.04 RPG Maker No {(rater>id=000780name=Maze of Marionettetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Melly Futanari Island 2017-03-31 Game of Skill Sprites 1.0 Fighter Maker 2 {(rater>id=000334name=Melly Futanari Islandtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Melly 2 Futanari Dreamland 2017-03-31 Game of Skill Sprites 1.0 Fighter Maker 2 {(rater>id=000335name=Melly 2 Futanari Dreamlandtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Melody 2018-04-22 Dating Sim 2.5D 0.01 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000732name=Melodytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Memoirs Of The Stripper 2017-04-23 Unknown 2.5D 0.1 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000726name=Memoirs Of The Strippertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
MF Dungeon 2017-10-03 Adventure Sprites Unknown No {(rater>id=000559name=MF Dungeontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Mice Tea 2019-02-15 Visual Novel Drawn 0.7.6 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000918name=Mice Teatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Michael's Family 2017-04-16 Unknown 3D Build 2 Unity {(rater>id=000204name=Michael's Familytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Milf's Control 2017-10-29 RPG 2.5D 1.0 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000781name=Milf's Controltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Milf's Villa 2017-10-29 RPG 2.5D 1.0 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000782name=Milf's Villatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Milfy Cummy 2019-03-15 Unknown 2.5D 0.4 Unity No {(rater>id=000926name=Milfy Cummytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Milky Town 2019-02-16 Unknown 2.5D 0.1 RPG Maker No {(rater>id=000910name=Milky Towntype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Millionaire Simulator 2017-07-23 Unknown 3D 0.2.1 Unity {(rater>id=000501name=Millionaire Simulatortype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Mind Over Matter 2018-01-25 Unknown 3D 1.0a Unknown {(rater>id=000340name=Mind Over Mattertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
MindBreak 2019-01-08 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.3.5a Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000760name=MindBreaktype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Miss Adventure 2016-10-20 Unknown 2.5D 1.249 RAGS {(rater>id=000040name=Miss Adventuretype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Miss Agatha's Palace 2018-04-06 RPG Drawn 1.4 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000685name=Miss Agatha's Palacetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Mittu X Sixus 2018-04-08 Visual Novel 2.5D Chapter 1 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000683name=Mittu X Sixustype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Modern Life 2016-10-02 RPG 2.5D 0.5.0 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000060name=Modern Lifetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Mommy Strike Back 2017-04-17 Unknown 3D 1.00 Unknown {(rater>id=000607name=Mommy Strike Backtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Money Making Hoes 2017-04-15 Trainer Drawn 0.005d Ren'Py {(rater>id=000180name=Money Making Hoestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Monster Girl Attack 2018-07-22 RPG Drawn 0.5 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000771name=Monster Girl Attacktype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Monster Girl Garden 2019-02-25 Trainer 3D 0.18 Unreal 4 No {(rater>id=000452name=Monster Girl Gardentype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Monster Girl Island 2016-10-26 RPG 3D Unknown Unknown No {(rater>id=000106name=Monster Girl Islandtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Monster Girl Rancher 2017-09-27 RPG Drawn 0.13 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000368name=Monster Girl Ranchertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Monster Love Hotel 2018-07-08 RPG Drawn Public 11 Unknown No {(rater>id=000065name=Monster Love Hoteltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Monster Mind 2018-06-02 Puzzle Drawn 1.06 Flash No {(rater>id=000678name=Monster Mindtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Monstergirl Rebellion 2018-10-13 Visual Novel Drawn 0.0.1 Unknown No {(rater>id=000815name=Monstergirl Rebelliontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Monstroid Breeding Monsters 2019-01-27 Breeder 3D 3.20 Unity No {(rater>id=000912name=Monstroid Breeding Monsterstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Morning Lust 2017-10-01 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.0 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000560name=Morning Lusttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Mother Seduction 2017-09-05 Visual Novel 2.5D chapter 14 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000438name=Mother Seductiontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Mozzoloh 2018-07-20 Sandbox Drawn 0.8b Flash No {(rater>id=000604name=Mozzolohtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Mutant Minx Meltdown 2017-06-08 RPG Drawn v0.1032 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000478name=Mutant Minx Meltdowntype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
My Family 2017-10-01 RPG 2.5D Demo RPG Maker MV {(rater>id=000538name=My Familytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
My Girlfriends Amnesia 2018-03-31 RPG 2.5D Final RPG Maker MV {(rater>id=000740name=My Girlfriends Amnesiatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
My Legacy 2017-04-15 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.0 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000310name=My Legacytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
My Life 2019-02-18 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.3 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000894name=My Lifetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
My Little Angel 2018-09-29 Trainer Drawn 0.7.3 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000168name=My Little Angeltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
My Little Pony - Cooking With Pinkie Pie 2019-01-28 Unknown Drawn 0.11.5 Unity No {(rater>id=000922name=My Little Pony - Cooking With Pinkie Pietype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
My Little Princess 2017-04-30 Visual Novel 2.5D Chapter 2 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000349name=My Little Princesstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
My Monster World 2016-10-16 RPG Text Unknown HTML No {(rater>id=000083name=My Monster Worldtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
My New Life 2017-04-15 RPG 2.5D 0.2 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000299name=My New Lifetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
My New Roommate 2017-10-27 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.0 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000567name=My New Roommatetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
My Sister Mia 2017-04-15 RPG 2.5D 0.2 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000304name=My Sister Miatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
My Sister, My Roommate 2019-03-08 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.12 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000566name=My Sister My Roommatetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
My Strange Sister 2017-10-14 Visual Novel Drawn 1.0 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000705name=My Strange Sistype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
My Sweet Neighbors 2018-05-06 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.0.8 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000684name=My Sweet Neighborstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
My Very Own Lith 2018-09-03 Simulation Drawn v0.36 Flash No {(rater>id=000477name=My Very Own Lithtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Mysteria Lane 2016-12-13 Unknown Photo v4 Flash {(rater>id=000157name=Mysteria Lanetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Mythic Manor 2019-01-20 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.8.0 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000624name=Mythic Manortype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Myxxxkin 2017-12-29 RPG Drawn RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000328name=Myxxxkintype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
N-Wrestle 2017-06-01 RPG Drawn W5D3 RPG Maker XP No {(rater>id=000054name=N-Wrestletype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Naked Fighter 3D 2019-02-06 1on1 Fighter 3D 0.05 Unity No {(rater>id=000915name=Naked Fighter 3Dtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Nano Control 2019-03-16 RPG Drawn 0.16b RPG Maker No {(rater>id=000568name=Nano Controltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Natural Desires 2017-04-23 Unknown 2.5D 0.1 RPG Maker MV {(rater>id=000418name=Natural Desirestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
NCCU - Loser or Idol 2018-05-06 Unknown 3D 0.5 Unity {(rater>id=000727name=NCCU - Loser or Idoltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Need For Seed 2017-04-23 Unknown 2.5D 0.3 Flash {(rater>id=000419name=Need For Seedtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Neighbor's Family 2017-10-11 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.3 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000570name=Neighbour's Familytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Nettestadt Troll, The 2017-06-09 Visual Novel Drawn 1.0 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000481name=Nettestadt Troll, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Nexus A Kingdom Encounters Drama 2017-06-04 RPG 3D 0.0.2 Unity {(rater>id=000457name=Nexus A Kingdom Encounters Dramatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Newlife 2018-08-31 Simulator Text 0.4.22 Java No {(rater>id=000030name=Newlifetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
New Paths 2018-04-15 RPG 2.5D 0.01 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000214name=New Pathstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
News Desk 2019-03-08 Unknown Drawn 0.04 Unity No {(rater>id=000867name=News Desktype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Niburi 2017-06-09 RPG Text 0.5c Flash {(rater>id=000483name=Niburitype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Niburi rebirth 2018-09-28 RPG Text 0.701 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000801name=Niburi Rebirthtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Night Games 2019-03-01 RPG Drawn OTGb3 Java No {(rater>id=000017name=Night Gamestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Night Games Mod 2017-04-16 RPG Drawn Java {(rater>id=000351name=Night Games Modtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Night With Nadine 2017-04-23 Unknown 2.5D Final RPG Maker MV {(rater>id=000427name=Night With Nadinetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Nimin fetish Fantasy 2017-06-08 RPG Text 0.975 Flash {(rater>id=000480name=Nimin Fetish Fantasytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
No Haven 2018-09-22 Unknown Drawn 0.812 RAGS No {(rater>id=000034name=No Haventype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Noble Priveleges 2017-04-23 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.2 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000421name=Noble Privelegestype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Noemi's Toscana Rebirth 2018-03-13 RPG 2.5D 0.12b Unity No {(rater>id=000686name=Noemi's Toscana Rebirthtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Not My Body 2019-03-04 Adventure Drawn Build 17.1 Unknown No {(rater>id=000517name=Not My Bodytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Nothin's Sim Brothel 2017-06-09 Brothel Sim Drawn 0.03c Flash {(rater>id=000482name=Nothin's Sim Brotheltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Noxian Nights 2016-12-22 RPG Drawn 1.2.4 RPG Maker {(rater>id=000043name=Noxian Nightstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
NTR Origins Noe Way Out 2018-07-17 RPG 2.5D 1.0 Unity {(rater>id=000802name=NTR Origins Noe Way Outtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
NTR ORigins Sour Kriem 2018-03-13 RPG 2.5D 1.1 Unity {(rater>id=000783name=NTR Origins Sour Kriemtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Nudespace 2018-07-29 Adventure 3D 0.3 Unreal No {(rater>id=000819name=Nudespacetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Oathbreaker 2018-04-08 Visual Novel Drawn 0.8 Unknown No {(rater>id=000793name=Oathbreakertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Offcuts 2018-09-08 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.2 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000752name=Offcutstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Offer, The 2017-08-08 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.02 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000511name=Offer, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Office Affairs 2017-02-18 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.1 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000308name=Office Affairstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Office Affairs The Beginning 2017-02-18 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.0 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000940name=Office Affairs The Beginningtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Officer Chloe Operation Infiltration 2018-04-26 RPG 2.5D 1.02 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000216name=Officer Chloe Operation Infiltrationtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Old School Blazin' 2018-10-02 CYOA Photo 0.2.6 Twine No {(rater>id=000700name=Old School Blazin'type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Olivia The Homewrecker 2017-04-23 Unknown 2.5D 0.1 RPG Maker MV {(rater>id=000422name=Olivia The Homewreckertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
One Night With Caroline 2017-02-17 Unknown 2.5D Final Ren'Py {(rater>id=000250name=One Night With Carolinetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Open Fist, Closed Palm 2017-04-19 RPG Drawn 0.30 RPG Maker XP {(rater>id=000391name=Open Fist, Closed Palmtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Orange Trainer 2018-12-16 Trainer Drawn 1.1 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000874name=Orange Trainertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Orc Raider 2017-10-01 Beat-em-up Drawn 0.9 Flash {(rater>id=000553name=Orc Raidertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Order of Light, The 2017-04-12 RPG Drawn Final RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000048name=Order of Light, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Ordinary Day 2017-04-16 RPG Drawn 1.0e RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000298name=Ordinary Daytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Ordinary Day 2 2018-05-31 RPG Drawn 0.45F RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000721name=Ordinary Day 2type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Orval Creep 'n Hammer 2018-09-22 Unknown 3D 0.95 Unknown No {(rater>id=000402name=Orval Creep 'n Hammertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Ouroboros 2017-02-16 RPG Drawn 1.1.7 RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000091name=Ouroborostype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Otherworld 2016-10-02 Management Drawn November 2013 Flash {(rater>id=000011name=Otherworldtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Overgrown Genesis 2017-12-27 RPG Drawn 0.07.2 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000095name=Overgrown Genesistype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Overwhored 2016-10-02 RPG Drawn 1.1 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000009name=Overwhoredtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Pact With a Witch 2018-09-28 Interactive Novel Drawn 00.07.08 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000052name=Pact With a Witchtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Pale Pure 2017-08-08 RPG 2.5D 0.4d RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000531name=Pale Puretype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Pandora 2016-12-20 Visual Novel 3D Final Unknown {(rater>id=000196name=Pandoratype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Pandorium 2017-04-16 Unknown Drawn 1.2 Flash No {(rater>id=000145name=Pandoriumtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Paradise Falls 2018-08-23 Visual Novel 2.5D Episode 2 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000755name=Paradise Fallstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Paraphore 2018-05-06 RPG Drawn 1.0 Flash No {(rater>id=000649name=Paraphoretype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Parasite Infection 2018-09-01 RPG Drawn 2.36b HTML No {(rater>id=000064name=Parasite Infectiontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Parental Love 2018-03-24 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.5 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000708name=Parental Lovetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Path of the Dead 2017-04-23 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.0 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000423name=Path of the Deadtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Paying Guest 2017-04-23 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.10 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000424name=Paying Guesttype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Peasant's Quest 2017-02-18 Unknown 2.5D Demo RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000306name=Peasant's Questtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Perestroika 2018-09-07 Visual Novel Drawn 0.1 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000840name=Perestroikatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Personality 2018-10-01 Unknown 2.5D 0.1 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000832name=Personalitytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Pervert Action Future 2016-12-22 Dating Sim 2.5D 1.2 Adrift {(rater>id=000218name=Pervert Action Futuretype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Pervert Action Legacy 2018-11-03 Dating Sim 2.5D 2.0 Adrift {(rater>id=000219name=Pervert Action Legacytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Pervert Action Timelapse 2019-02-13 Dating Sim 2.5D 0.2.2 Adrift No {(rater>id=000924name=Pervert Action Timelapsetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Perverted Education 2019-03-01 Unknown Text 0.8001 Twine browser No {(rater>id=000837name=Perverted Educationtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Perverted Hotel 2018-05-07 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.3 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000502name=Perverted Hoteltype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Petplay 2019-02-15 Idle Sim Drawn Final Unity {(rater>id=000917name=Petplaytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Phoenix Connection 2019-03-18 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.0 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000936name=Phoenix Connectiontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Photographer, The 2017-06-09 Unknown 3D 0.1.0 Unity {(rater>id=000455name=Photographer, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Pigglet in Mrs. Big Bad Wyvern 2018-05-06 Adventure Drawn 1.0 Unknown No {(rater>id=000750name=Pigglet in Mrs. Big Bad Wyverntype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Pillars of Perversion 2017-02-18 RPG 3D 0.4.2 Unity No {(rater>id=000255name=Pillars of Perversiontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Pimp Simulator 2017 2017-08-14 Unknown 3D 0.3 Unknown {(rater>id=000425name=Pimp Simulator 2017type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Pink Motel, The 2018-01-01 Unknown 3D 0.13.6 Unity No {(rater>id=000309name=Pink Motel, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Pixie Panic Garden 2018-05-04 Action Sprites Demo 1.0 Unity No {(rater>id=000655name=Pixie Panic Gardentype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Pizzaboy Ultimate 2018-05-03 Shoot-em-up Drawn 2.04 Unknown No {(rater>id=000640name=Pizzaboy Ultimatetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Planet eXXXpress 2018-01-08 Unknown Drawn v0.15 Unity No {(rater>id=000548name=Planet eXXXpresstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Play With Us 2017-10-01 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.0.10 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000081name=Play With Ustype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Play With Us 2 2017-10-01 Visual Novel 2.5D 1.05 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000082name=Play With Us 2type=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
PlaySet 2017-10-01 Sandbox 3D 0.01 Unity {(rater>id=000541name=PlaySettype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Pleasuremancer, The 2018-08-08 Adventure Drawn 0.3.1h Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000827name=Pleasuremancer, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Pokemon Ecchi 2019-02-24 RPG Drawn Unknown RPG Maker No {(rater>id=000928name=Pokemon Ecchitype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Pokemon Pink 2017-06-09 RPG Sprites 2.0 Flash {(rater>id=000484name=Pokemon Pinktype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Pokemorph 2017-07-24 RPG Drawn 1.63 Flash {(rater>id=000318name=Pokemorphtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Poke Abby 2018-03-03 unknown 3D Unknown unity No {(rater>id=000459name=Poke Abbytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Pokkaloh 2016-12-19 Sandbox Drawn Final Flash {(rater>id=000169name=Pokkalohtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Pony Waifu Sim 2018-09-16 Dating Sim Drawn 0.3.1 Unity No {(rater>id=000812name=Pony Waifu Simtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Poolside Adventure 1 & 2 2017-04-23 Unknown 2.5D 0.6 &0.2 RPG Maker MV {(rater>id=000426name=Poolside Adventuretype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Poor Lucy 2017-10-01 RPG Drawn 0.3 RPG Maker MV {(rater>id=000563name=Poor Lucytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Poor Whore, The 2017-02-03 RPG Sprites 1.1 RPG Maker VX Ace {(rater>id=000269name=Poor Whore, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Porn Empire 2018-05-19 Management Drawn 0.72 Unknown No {(rater>id=000712name=Porn Empiretype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Portals of Phereon 2018-10-05 Strategy Drawn Unity No {(rater>id=000619name=Portals of Phereontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Post Apocalyptic Justin 2016-12-21 Unknown 3D Unknown Unity {(rater>id=000205name=Post Apocalyptic Justintype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Power Corrupts 2018-06-27 Unknown Photo 0.04 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000587name=Power Corruptstype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Power Corrupts Paragon 2018-06-28 Unknown Photo 0.1.1 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000786name=Power Corrupts Paragontype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Power of Confidence, The 2019-02-01 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.73 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000776name=Power of Confidence, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Powered Stranger 2019-02-25 Visual Novel Drawn 0.6 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000895name=Powered Strangertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
President Rolando 2018-03-17 Visual Novel Drawn 0.2 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000697name=President Rolandotype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Press-Switch 2018-08-14 Unknown Drawn 0.5b Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000632name=Press-switchtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Price of Freedom Avarice 2019-03-12 RPG Drawn Public 9 Unity No {(rater>id=000680name=Price of Freedom Avaricetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Primacy 2017-07-27 Slave Management Drawn 0.1.1 Unknown {(rater>id=000520name=Primacytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Prince of Suburbia 2017-11-10 Visual Novel Drawn Demo Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000579name=Prince of Suburbiatype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Princess of the Ring 2017-03-31 1on1 Fighter Sprites 1.0 Fighter Maker 2 {(rater>id=000336name=Princess of the Ringtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Princess Trainer 2016-12-03 Trainer Drawn 2.03 Ren'Py {(rater>id=000132name=Princess Trainertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Principal XL 2016-12-22 Management 3D 0.24 Unknown {(rater>id=000407name=Principal XLtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Private Community 2018-01-30 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.1b RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000622name=Private Communitytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Project Cappuccino 2019-01-10 Unknown Drawn 1.10.0 Unity No {(rater>id=000581name=Project Cappuccinotype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Project Giger 2019-01-27 Visual Novel Drawn 0.1 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000903name=Project Gigertype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Project Hot Wife 2019-03-02 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.0.2 Ren'Py No {(rater>id=000927name=Project Hot Wifetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Project Stockholm 2019-03-06 RPG Drawn 0.05 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000891name=Project Stockholmtype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Project Virtuality 2019-03-10 RPG 3D demo Unity No {(rater>id=000930name=Project Virtualitytype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Promise, The 2019-03-08 Visual Novel 2.5D 0.30b Ren'Py website No {(rater>id=000893name=Promise, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Proteus Effect, The 2019-01-23 RPG 2.5D 0.6.4 RPG Maker MV No {(rater>id=000675name=Proteus Effect, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Punished Mai 2016-12-29 RPG Drawn Demo RPG Maker VX Ace No {(rater>id=000259name=Punished Maitype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}
Puppet Master, The 2017-02-15 Interactive Novel Text 1.0a HTML {(rater>id=000662name=Puppet Master, Thetype=ratetrace=ipheadline=off)}